MBAoS sharpened my vision and business proposition, and gave me the opportunity to realize my bigger story within it. My new network of ‘lifelines’ continue to open doors & push me forward.

– Alicia from New York

I found myself again. I found my role as a leader and helping others unleash the leader within. And now I see what real leadership means for my business and in my life too.

– Tina from Amsterdam

I never thought I’d experience such an intense & open-minded connection. I came away with a different mindset – transformed. Clarity & confidence – fully owning my strengths & vision, knowing how to lead to scale my business & enable my team to thrive.

– Amy from NYC

I came away with so much energy. I learned what inspires me, how I can bring value to others – my family, colleagues, other women in their careers. I left really wanting to spend more time absorbing the power and energy of the other women.

– Monique from Rotterdam

I loved the intensity and deep dive in a totally different culture. Being aware and naming (cultural) perspectives and assumptions, led to such a strong bonding across differences and made me realize how much we actually have in common, regardless of ethicity, gender, age. To me the most powerful outtake is that if you really allow and discipline yourself in deep listening, it creates huge synergies between individuals and within teams. 

– Linda Broekhuizen from The Hague

The programs have equipped us in serving the 60,000 customers we have today. Better Future not only introduced me to leadership, but also facilitated joint programs with top companies in Western Europe. One such company was Beiersdorf. The greatest benefit from these partnerships was participating and cooperating with a much wider audience of middle managers within Reliance Financial Services. Today the appreciation of leadership and the role of leaders is much better understood within Reliance Financial Services . Our organization has benefitted immensely from the Better Future programs. The programs have equipped us in serving the 60,000 customers we have today, managing a network of 22 locations, employing a staff of 120 and achieving financial and operational sustainability, and not to forget the market leaders in a relatively short period of time.”

– Ismaila from the Gambia

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